Manny Munoz

Manny Munoz

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The Center of the Mind

A Disturbing Trend

Dr. Lewis Nelson, Medical Toxicologist in Addiction Medicine and Department Chair of Emergency Medicine at Rutgers Medical School

Evolving Values

Aaron Zitner is a reporter and Editor for The Wall Street Journal, with a focus on polls and politics *Follow him on Twitter: @aaronzitner

Ron's Rough Road

Marc Caputo is a National Political Reporter for NBC News. Her formerly worked for Politico and the Miam Herald *Follow him on Twitter: @MarcACaputo

On the Attack

610 WIOD White House Correspondent Jon Decker. As he faces a possible indictment this week, former President Trump unleashed against Ron DeSantis during a campaign event over the weekend.

The Syndicate Spy

Brittany Butler is a former CIA targeting officer, who has recruited, handled and helped dismantle terrorist networks. Her first novel is titled; The Syndicate Spy *Follow her on Twitter and Insta: @Formerspy1

Final Four Florida Madness

Dave Hyde is a Columnist for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and author of the best sellers: "Still Perfect" and "1968." *Follow him on Twitter: @davehydesports

Legit or Politically Motivated

Dr. Charles Zelden, Professor of History, Law, and Politics at Nova Southeastern University. He’s a recognized expert on the history of Elections and Election Law *Follow him on Twitter: @CharlesZelden

Reset and Restart

Our weekly segment with NBC News Political Director & Moderator of Meet the Press and South Floridian, Chuck Todd *Follow him on Twitter: @ChuckTodd

Just Put It Down

Bruce Landsberg is Vice Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board and part of the National Distracted Driving Coalition