Manny Munoz

Manny Munoz

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Minors With Guns

Ready, Set, Vote!

Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections Christina White *Follow the Office on X: @MDCElections

Latest On Politics with Marc Caputo

Marc Caputo is a National Political Reporter for The Bulwark.Com. He’s formerly of NBC News, Politico, Miami Herald *Follow him on X: @MarcACaputo

Daily Rant: The Two Party System

Manny Munoz on 610 WIOD

The Week in Politics

Blake Burman is NewsNation’s Chief Washington Correspondent and Moderator of The Hill on NewsNation, weeknights at 6pm *Follow him on Twitter: @BlakeBurman

All About Fani Willis

Richard Serafini is a longtime veteran DOJ Senior Prosecutor, who is now a federal criminal and white-collar defense lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

Latest On Travel

Our weekly segment with CBS News & 610 WIOD Travel Editor, Peter Greenberg *Follow him on Twitter: @PeterSGreenberg and sign up for his weekly newsletter on his website:  PeterGreenberg.Com

Daily Rant: Everything Is Always About Politics

Manny Munoz on 610 WIOD

Gun Control, What is the Solution?

Stuart Kaplan is a longtime former FBI special agent who is now a criminal defense attorney and Global Risk Management Expert in Palm Beach Gardens *Follow him on X/Twitter: @StuartNKaplan

National Security Threats

Erin Banco is a National Security and Intel Reporter for Politico *Follow her on X: @ErinBanco