LS Financial Group Co-founder and President


With over three decades of business experience and financial services knowledge, Len has guided numerous seniors as they navigate through the many options for retirement. He presents strategies for principal protection and income accumulation without market risk. As a result, not one of Len’s clients has lost money in a market downturn. His motto “Safety First in Retirement”!

Len firmly believes in treating clients as family: always with the utmost honesty and integrity.

Len is the co-author of “The Power of Leadership; Being the Leader Producing Results.” Also, Len is an author of over 20 published articles and has made several radio and TV appearances on personal empowerment and financial freedom. Len continues to be an approved member of the National Ethics Association, National Social Security Association, National Association of Professional Agents, Better Business Bureau and a Certified Financial Fiduciary.

Len now hosts a weekly radio and TV show called “Safety in Retirement airing on local Miami/Fort Lauderdale stations. His program is educational and discusses how to get out of the Wall Street Casino and away from the roller coaster that is the stock market. As an alternative, Len explains how fixed indexed annuities can provide security – never losing principal and participating in some of the upside through indexes offered by large, safe insurance companies.

Len has authored two articles: one on reducing risk in uncertain markets and another about the advantage of annuities in bear markets