Watch Wild Chair-Throwing Incident in Dallas-area Classroom

Wild video from a classroom in Desoto ISD in the Dallas area.

The substitute teacher was apparently attacked by middle school students in the classroom.

His self-defense resulted in a chair throwing fight.

The teacher was reportedly injured in the fracas.

WFAA-TV reports:

 “A collection of videos and photos going viral on Facebook show a classroom clash between multiple students and the substitute teacher, with desk chairs being thrown by both parties at the other.
One of the viral photos in particular appears to show blood streaming down the substitute's face...
According to one DeSoto ISD representative, the students attacked the teacher first, injuring him to the point that paramedics were called to the scene. 
The paramedics were able to treat the substitute teacher's injuries on site, the DeSoto ISD rep said.
The district refused to comment further on what sparked the incident, on whether any students were detained by law enforcement and on how, if at all, the students may be punished.”

The incident prompted the school district to cancel all classes on Friday.

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