South Florida's First News w Jimmy Cefalo

South Florida's First News w Jimmy Cefalo

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01-10-23 Florida Senator Rick Scott

01-10-23 Hybrid Employees

Chris Kujawa Chief Human Resources Officer for Conduent,How can bosses find the right balance between remote, hybrid and in-person work to keep employees engaged, happy and productive?

01-10-23 Getting to Know the Chief

Miami PD Poliuce Chief, Manny Morales

01-10-23 See the Sea Cow

Tiare “TJ” Fridrich, MPS Manatee Biologist | Save the Manatee Club

01-10-23 Brazilian Insurrection

ABC News Correspondent, Tom Rivers, in London. Brazilian authorities said Monday that they were looking into who may have been behind the shocking uprising that sent protesters storming into the nation’s halls of power.

01-10-23 Gone Phishing

ABC News Correspondent, Jim Ryan. Phishing attacks soared 61% in 2022 compared to the previous year.

01-10-23 Spam

National Correspondent Erin Real. Who keeps calling you – and is there a way to stop those robo-calls and spam?

01-10-23 Boomerang

National Correspondent Rory O’Neill. With Republicans in charge of the House of Representatives, the first investigation into the Biden administration is being launched.

01-09-23 Biden's Border Battle

01-09-23 Millennials Move Back In

Chief Economist, Nest Seekers International, Erin Sykes