World's Tallest Outdoor Elevator Opens

The world's tallest outdoor elevator is now carrying passengers in China.

Built alongside cliffs that inspired scenery in the movie Avatar, three double-decker elevators have their ups and down in central China's Zhangjiajie Forest.

Tourists were limited to a cable car ride before, or a three-hour climb to the 1,000-foot peak. Tickets are 19-dollars for a round-trip ride. It takes less than a minute to make the journey. Amid the pandemic, about 8,000 people make the trip each day, which is about half the number before COVID.

If you want to check it out for yourself, it's a very long-haul flight. The shortest route would be Miami to London then on to Xi-An, China. From there, you can hop a quick flight to Zhangjiajie. According to some websites, total travel time from Miami is about 26 hours.

Image courtesy Getty