Mangoes Shown to Reduce Wrinkles in Women

Listen up ladies.

New research shows eating more fresh mango can significantly reduce facial wrinkles in women.

The study also found that if you eat too much mango, it can actually make your aging skin look even worse.

Fair-skinned, mature ladies who eat half a cup of Ataulfo mangoes (aka honey or champagne mangoes) four times a week see a 23-percent reduction in wrinkles in two months. It's 20-percent in four months.

Women who ate a cup and a half of mangoes each day saw more wrinkles in the mirror.

According to researchers at UC-Davis, mangoes, like other orange fruits and vegetables, are rich in beta-carotene and provide antioxidants that may delay cell damage.

Researchers said it’s unclear why consuming more mango would increase the severity of wrinkles but speculate that it may be related to a robust amount of sugar in the larger portion of mangoes.

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