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Bill Cunningham

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4-12-24 Bill Cunningham Show

4-12-24 Willie with Sheree Paolello

Willie is joined by WLWT's Sheree Paolello to discuss the violence around the University of Cincinnati, and why no one from the administration has come forward to discuss solutions to make UC students safer.

4-11-24 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the life of OJ Simpson and the woes of the Reds with Mo Egger. Also Adam Michael helps Willie break down the Biden tax plan, and Joseph Vazquez breaks down the levels of media bias.

4-11-24 Willie with Adam Michael

Willie discusses the new Biden tax plan with Adam Michael from the Cato Institute.

4-10-24 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses if the failure of the police to read a suspect their Miranda rights will lead to an acquittal in a local case with attorney James Bogen. Also Jason Isaacs of the American Energy Institute talks about the state of the energy industry in America, and Chip Hart tells Willie and Seg about the new record in fishing in Ohio.

4-10-24 Willie with Jason Isaacs

Willie discusses the future of the energy industry under the Biden administration with Jason Isaacs, the CEO of the American Energy Institute.

Bill Cunningham Show -- 4/9/24

Willie is joined by Sheriff Richard K. Jones from the Butler County Sheriff's Office, Ohio Secretary of State Frank Larose and Scott Powell.

Bill Cunningham with Richard K. Jones -- 4/9/24

Willie talks with Sheriff Richard K. Jones of the Butler County Sheriff's Office.

The Bill Cunningham Show-- 4/8/24

Governor Mike Dewine joins Willie to discuss the State of Ohio's response to all of the eclipse travelers. Eddie and Rocky join to preview their Eclipse Spectacular. He also talks to Chuck Ingram, Frank Marzullo, Tanya O'Rourke, Brooke Shaffer and more!

4-8-24-- Bill Cunningham with Governor Mike DeWine

Governor Mike DeWine joins Willie to discuss the states response to the eclipse.