UPDATE: Miami Apartment Fire Grows To Three Alarm

Update: 6/10/24 1:45p

Miami Fire Rescue is still battling an apartment blaze that has grown to a three-alarm fire.

The Temple Court Apartments is just off I-95 and the Miami River, which has allowed firefighters to use water from the Miami River to douse the building.

Lieutenant Pete Sanchez says it's been all hands on deck: "We went to a defensive strategy because it is too dangerous for the firefighters to work inside at this point. We're working together with police. We're trying to account for all the number of residents. How many lived in the building. We're working with Red Cross."

Three firefighters were taken to the hospital. Two have already been released. Another person inside the building was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound. Police call the shooting an isolate incident, and detectives are looking into whether the two are connected.

Residents are being moved from Lummus Park to Jose Marti Park to receive emergency services.

Nearby Miami International Airport has not been impacted by the smoke.


Miami firefighters and police are flooding the area around Lummus Park off the Miami River and I-95 after an apartment complex erupted into flames.

Fire Rescue's Lt. Ignatius Carroll says, "When the units arrived, they found smoke showing from the third floor window as well as flames coming from the window, and as they were starting to go in and to assist with getting people out, we also came across a person who was possibly shot."

Firefighters have been evacuating elderly people and other residents of the Temple Court Apartments at 431 Northwest 3rd Street. Some have been rescued by using ladder trucks. Carroll says three or four people have already been taken to the hospital.

Police will handle the investigation into the shot victim.

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