Man Arrested For Deadly Beating In His Own Pinellas Beachfront Home

PALM HARBOR -- Deputies have charged a man with second-degree murder, saying he beat another man to death on the patio of his own beachfront home.

The Pinellas Sheriff's Office says 38-year-old Matthew Weldon met the victim, 49-year-old Carroll Bryan, in a Clearwater bar two weeks ago, and loaned a car to him about a week ago. When Bryan didn't return it on time, Weldon became upset. Bryan drove to the home with the car Tuesday (21st). There was an argument, and Bryan was hit in the back of the head. He then fell to the ground and got hit several more times.

Deputies arrived after a neighbor called 911. They found Weldon covered in blood, and say he told them "he is dead" and pointing to his home.

Weldon suffered minor injuries. He's in jail, charged with second degree murder.

Photo: Pinellas Co. Sheriff/ Canva

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