Florida Senator Rick Scott "Fed Up" with Biden's Open Border Policy

Florida Senator Rick Scott joined other GOP colleagues to slam Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's plan to bring a failed immigration bill back to the Senate floor.

Scott says the border is the number one issue for his state and that President Biden has the power to close the border and stop the drugs and criminals from flowing in and killing Floridians.

Senate Republicans already rejected this proposal in February and that Democrats are only thinking about the election and not solving the problem adding that the bill would codify catch and release.

Scott says, "We are all fed up with what's going on at the southern border" and he's proposing a bill that would end non-profit funding for illegal migrants.

The measure is expected to be blocked again, but Democrats will use the failed vote to blame the G.O.P. for the border crisis that polls show is a major liability for President Biden and their candidates.

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