Florida Man Arrested for Pizza Bite-and-Run at RaceTrac

Flagler County, FL - A 62-year-old man faces petit theft charges after taking a bite out of a slice of pizza and refusing to pay at a RaceTrac gas station last week.

According to the Flagler County Sheriff's Office, Ronald Broaddus allegedly took a bite out of a slice of pizza and then left the store without paying on Friday.

Broaddus' arrest report details that an employee confronted Broaddus, who claimed he had paid for the item.

The situation escalated when Broaddus allegedly threw away the pizza and ice cream he'd taken and threatened the employee, before fleeing the store on his bicycle.

The employee told police he wished to press charges and have Broaddus trespassed from the property. 

The stolen items totaled $8.98 before tax.

Deputies located Broaddus shortly after and arrested him. 

Broaddus told police a different version of events during questioning. 

The arrest affidavit details a bizarre threat made by Broaddus, stating he planned to return to the gas station property despite being trespassed with the intention of defecating there.

He remains in custody on a $1,000 bond.

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