Florida Rep. Mike Waltz Wants to Extend Border Protection to Our Oceans

2023 Concordia Annual Summit - September 18

Photo: Riccardo Savi / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

(Miami, FL) - Florida Congressman Mike Waltz says he is proposing a bill to prevent President Biden’s failed border policies from extending out to the sea.

Rep. Waltz says the Costumes Waters Act will prevent "Florida's coastline from becoming the Texas southern border."

The congressman wants to give U.S. Customs and Border patrol twice as much territory to interdict migrants, smugglers and terrorists.

Rep. Waltz is a combat-decorated Green Beret and former House and Pentagon policy advisor.

Florida Senator Rick Scott is co-sponsoring a companion customs and water act in the U.S. Senate and Waltz expects both to pass.

Waltz says FBI Director Wray should call DHS Secretary Mayorkas and demand that he closes the border if he thinks 300 terrorists have already gotten into the country.

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