Party Chair Nikki Fried Admits "Democrats Have Dropped the Ball" in Florida


Photo: MARCO BELLO / AFP / Getty Images

Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried admits that her party has "dropped the ball election after election on issue after issue" in this Republican-led state.

She says it's time for Democrats to regroup and get back to basics.

Fried says since she took over in 2023, she has re-organized the entire party.

"When Democratic candidates go door-to-door and listen to voters they hear that they are tired of the 30-years of Republican rule and government over-reach," Fried explains.

GOP Governor Ron DeSantis won re-election in 2022 by 19-percentage points over Democrat Charlie Christ.

Fried blames Republican leadership in Florida for the massive increases in property insurance and the highest inflation in the nation, three times the national average. She says it's time Democrats come to the rescue.

Fried says people can't afford their homes or rent and that's on Ron DeSantis. She says the Republican party has refused to do the right thing on these issues.

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