FIU Researchers Make Pediatric Cancer Treatment Breakthrough

Photo: Researcher Diana Azzam and Logan Jenner, a participant in her clinical study, in the Azzam Lab at Florida International University/Source:FIU

(Miami, FL) - Cancer researchers at FIU along with Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami are celebrating a groundbreaking cancer treatment.

Cancer researcher, Dr. Diana Azzam says the new approach targets hard-to-treat, reoccurring tumors by testing multiple drugs that may be approved for another type of cancer.

Dr. Azzam says they found that some drugs not approved for one type of cancer can be repurposed to treat it effectively.

FIU researchers conducted the clinical trial using genetic testing and AI to determine the efficacy of more than 100 drugs on tumor samples.

Dr. Azzam says the targeted treatment transforms cancer from a death sentence to a manageable chronic disease.

The FIU pediatric cancer study is on the cover of medical journal Nature Medicine with the results published inside.

A pediatric cancer patient, 8-year-old Logan Jenner's mom says her son had run out of options and the study saved his life.

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