NASA Calling All Martians for Simulation Study

Earth as viewed from Mars surface. The surface of Mars, strewn with small rocks and red sand. Martian landscape in rusty orange shades, Mars Planet surface, Desert, Cliffs, sand. Red planet mars. Conception space abstract background.

Photo: Nzoka John / iStock / Getty Images

NASA is looking for volunteers to live in its 365-day Mars simulation at the Johnson Space Center.

The study is designed to replicate the challenging conditions of a manned mission to the Red Planet focusing on the psychological stressors and human factors crucial for long-haul exploration.

NASA says they are looking for "healthy, motivated U.S. citizens or permanent residents who are non-smokers, 30-55 years old, and proficient in English for effective communication between crewmates and mission control. Applicants should have a strong desire for unique, rewarding adventures and interest in contributing to NASA’s work to prepare for the first human journey to Mars."

The deadline for applicants is Tuesday, April 2.

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