Birthday "Bomb Joke" Lands Man in Jail at Fort Lauderdale Airport

Fort Lauderdale, FL - A Nevada man has been jailed on felony charges after joking about TSA missing a "bomb in my bag" at a South Florida airport.

birthday celebration took a turn for the worse for a Nevada man, landing him in jail after making a concerning joke at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, 27-year-old Mack Bjorn of Reno, Nevada, was boarding a JetBlue flight to San Francisco on Saturday when he made a lighthearted, yet ill-advised remark about a bomb in his bag.

The arrest report details that Bjorn jokingly stated, "The TSA missed a bomb in my bag," while boarding the plane.

However, the situation escalated when a flight attendant confronted him about the comment.

Instead of realizing the seriousness of his statement, Bjorn reportedly doubled down, reiterating the same remark.

Authorities swiftly intervened, escorting Bjorn off the jetway and placing him under arrest.

He exercised his right to remain silent and requested an attorney. A thorough search of his belongings revealed no explosives.

Despite the lack of any actual threat, Bjorn faced serious legal consequences.

A Broward County judge found probable cause to charge him with making a false report of a bomb, arson, or weapon of mass destruction, a second-degree felony.

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