Baby Found Unresponsive, Mother Arrested for Aggravated Child Abuse


Photo: Darwin Brandis / iStock / Getty Images

Fort Myers, FL - Fort Myers Police officers sprang into action on Sunday morning after responding to a call about an unresponsive baby.

Shortly after 1:30 AM, officers encountered a frantic driver attempting to rush the child to the hospital near Lee Tran Boulevard and Metro Parkway.

Upon arrival, officers discovered the baby was not breathing and immediately began CPR.

Their efforts were successful, and the baby regained consciousness before being transported to the hospital by emergency medical services.

Due to the infant exhibiting signs of an overdose, Narcan was administered at the hospital.

The child was stabilized, and authorities launched an investigation.

Interviews were conducted with both parents at the scene, followed by the acquisition of a search warrant for the family's home.

Evidence gathered inside the residence, combined with medical records confirming the baby's positive test for fentanyl and witness statements, provided probable cause for the arrest of Mary Sinopoli on charges of Aggravated Child Abuse.

The investigation remains ongoing, and no further details have been released by authorities at this time.

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