Manatees to be Relocated from Miami Seaquarium after 60 Years in Captivity

Two manatee nuzzle at the surface with fall leaves

Photo: Gregory Sweeney / Moment / Getty Images

(Miami, Fla) - Two manatees at Miami Seaquarium, where 57-year-old orca Lolita died last summer, are set to be relocated after sixty years in captivity.

A 67-year-old manatee named Romeo and his mate Juliet are now set to be moved to a sanctuary as early as next week.

A spokesperson for the US Fish and Wildlife Services says the Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Partnership is helping with the transport of the manatees which have reported health problems.

Video of Romeo and Juliet's living conditions prompted a stern statement from the Save the Manatee Club.

Experts say moving Romeo and Juliet is considered “high risk” but is necessary for their future well-being.

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