Sweetwater Police Dispel Rumors Of Dave And Buster's Attack

There's a voice recording message that has been generated and shared countless times in the recent days alleging of a vicious, depraved attack on young girls at the popular eatery, Dave and Buster's, at the Dolphin Mall in Sweetwater, FL.

The message with a woman's voice says:

"Hey ladies! How are you? Just wanted to tell you that my sister's husband who works in Coconut Grove,...he teaches kids how to sail, he's a coach. Anyways, the point of the matter is that there were 10 girls that sail with him that went to Dave and Buster's and they were with their mothers in Doral. The ten girls go into the bathroom, all of the mothers are in front of the bathroom, waiting. Nine girls come out out, instead of ten. And what happened is there was, ummm...a sex trafficking person in the bathroom stall, grabbed a hold of the girl, one of the young ladies...and had her on top of the toilet...with like a muzzle on her mouth...and had changed her clothes...(in spanish: Y se la iban a llevar) and they were going to take her. The mother went bananas and called the cops..."

The message continues for a little over two minutes and has been shared through social media apps like WhatsApp.

Sweetwater Police has issued a statement: " We have reached out to all interested parties and have confirmed that no such incident has occurred."

Police warn of the dangers these hoax messages can have on our community when they are NOT confirmed with authorities first. As a reminder, if you see or hear something suspicious, report it to police.

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