Development Plan For Equestrian Community Backed By Woods, Timberlake

Residents Attend A Meeting Of The Wellington Equestrian Preserve Committee

Photo: CBS 12

A development proposal backed by big names like Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake is getting the thumbs down by Wellington's Equestrian Preserve Committee.

The plans include converting a 600-acre site into luxury housing and an expansion of the equestrian showgrounds.

Residents spoke out against the proposal at a meeting Wednesday night, with another one planned for Thursday evening.

Carol Coleman tells CBS 12 News that it would clog up the roads in her neighborhood.

"If they have 300 or more homes there at 2 and a half cars per home times ten trips a day, you're talking about thousands of trips coming onto Pierson (Road) and South Shore (Boulevard).

Others say that people with farms and horses want open spaces, not new apartments and shops.

The committee will be recommending against the plans to the Wellington Planning, Zoning, and Adjustments Board, which will be voting next month.

The Wellington Village Council is expected to make the final decision on the matter late August.

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