Former FSU Star Wide Receiver Travis Rudolph Acquitted Of Murder

Jury Deliberations Underway In Travis Rudolph Trial

Photo: CBS 12

A former FSU and NFL football player is a free man after facing charges in a fatal shooting two years ago.

The jury in the Travis Rudolph case turned in their verdict Wednesday afternoon in a West Palm Beach courtroom.

"We the jury find as follows. As to count one, we find the defendant not guilty. As to count two, we find the defendant not guilty."

Rudolph faced one count of first degree murder and three counts of first degree attempted murder and was acquitted on all of the charges.

The Palm Beach County native shot to death Sebastian Jean-Jacques while firing 39 shots at a car the man was in after he and three other men showed up at Rudolph's home in Lake Park to confront him over a fight with his girlfriend.

The defendant claimed self defense, saying two of the men pointed guns at him. Rudolph faced a maximum sentence of life in prison on the murder charge.

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