Hillsborough Mom, Neighbors Demand Changes After Baby Killed in Crash

TAMPA -- East Hillsborough residents are calling for changes after a crash that killed a five-month-old girl a month ago near Lithia.

A driver plowed into a car driven by Kaleb and Kassandra Winchester March 19th at the intersection of County Roads 39 and 672, killing their baby daughter, Kensington.

Kassandra Winchester spoke at Wednesday's Hillsborough County Commission meeting with a picture of her child. "Looking at me and a picture of my baby girl, I don't think I have to say anything more about how dangerous this intersection is." She was still wearing a neck brace and using a wheelchair, a month after the crash.

Winchester said she had reached out to the county well before the crash that claimed her daughter's life, asking for safety improvements at the intersection, such as a flashing light. Some of her friends and neighbors also appeared to call on commissioners to do something about the intersection.

Commissioner Michael Owen says he's getting several ideas from county staff, including a lower speed limit on 672, rumble strips and flashing beacons. All those changes can be in place in six months, and some would only take six weeks.

Commissioners voted unanimously to name part of 39 after baby Kensington.

Photo: Canva

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