Man Arrested for Impersonating Deputy with Fake ID and Car Equipment

Naples, FL - A man was arrested for impersonating a law enforcement officer after he used fake identification and phony car equipment to impersonate a retired deputy from Mississippi.

According to police, 51-year-old Jack Mitchell Bowles, of Naples, was arrested after aggressively tailgating vehicles on Thursday while driving a black 2019 Dodge Challenger on Interstate 75.

When Bowles was pulled over, he allegedly showed deputies an identification card that stated he was a retired deputy with the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office in Mississippi.

He also showed the deputy a badge from the same agency and claimed that he was a retired police officer.

Deputies searching Bowles’ vehicle found a pistol with a bullet in the chamber and a fully loaded magazine with 15 bullets.

They also discovered antennas and radar devices mounted to the car's trunk, a handheld radio, and an open laptop inside.

Donna Rogers, a law enforcement certification officer for Mississippi’s Department of Public Safety, informed authorities there are no records connecting Bowles to the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office.

Lt. Velisa Walker, of the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office, confirmed that Bowles was never employed by the sheriff’s department.

Bowles was charged with a felony count of impersonating a law enforcement officer and a misdemeanor charge of resisting an officer without violence.

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