3rd Gun Found On Campus Of Same Palm Beach School & Principal Investigated

Palm Beach Gardens High School-Gun On Campus

Photo: CBS 12

For a third time this academic year, a student has been arrested for bringing a gun to a Palm Beach County High School.

The School District notified parents that police officers were able to locate the Palm Beach Gardens High student and confiscated the gun without incident.

The weapon had not been used in a threatening manner and was discovered during a search in an unrelated incident that was reported by a staff member.

The student will face criminal charges and could face expulsion.

Loaded guns were also brought to the school on February 6th and October 26th.

Palm Beach Gardens High is one of several schools in the county that will have metal detectors before the end of this school year as part of a pilot program.

Meanwhile, the school's principal is under investigation, but it's not known if that is related to the gun incident.

The school district says it currently has an "open internal investigation" involving Jay Blavatt, but cannot share further details.

It's Blavatt's first year at the school.

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