Port St. Lucie Man Wanted For Murder Killed By Fort Lauderdale Cops

Manuel Sanabria

Photo: CBS 12

A man wanted for murder out of Port St. Lucie was shot and killed by police in Fort Lauderdale.

Police Chief Patrick Lynn says 38-year old Manuel Sanabria was spotted by cops driving a silver pickup truck in his city on Tuesday morning.

"A brief pursuit ensued. Thereafter the subject stopped, engaged our police officers and our officers took the action that they felt was necessary to defend themselves."

A police spokeswoman later said the man pointed a piece of a gun at the officers and took a "shooting stance" when several opened fire. Those officers are on leave while the FDLE investigates the shooting, which is standard protocol.

Port St. Lucie Police say Sanabria had murdered a man who showed up at his home to visit the suspect's wife.

Police Chief John Bolduc was asked whether the shooting was the result of a "love triangle."

"That's part of the investigation that's still ongoing exactly what that relationship was but it does look like this confrontation was motivated by the husband's disapproval of that relationship."

He points out that there were 34 shell casings at the scene of the shooting where the victim was killed inside his vehicle, but it's unknown how many of those bullets actually struck him.

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