Sen. Rick Scott Hosts Roundtable On Fentanyl Crisis


Photo: iStockphoto

A Florida sheriff is following closely what state and federal lawmakers are planning to do when it comes to cracking down on fentanyl.

Law enforcement officials say the amount of the deadly drug that was seized in our state last October alone was enough to kill the entire population of Florida.

And Okeechobee County Sheriff Noel Stephen tells CBS 12 News that the drug is being found everywhere.

"We are finding not only our heroin laced with fentanyl but now methamphetamines, marijuana...almost every illegal, illicit narcotic is now being laced with fentanyl."

Stephen says children are being targeted.

"These dopers are luring our kids younger and younger and younger of age."

Gov. Ron DeSantis proposes a mandatory life sentence for anyone convicted of selling fentanyl disguised to look like candy.

And Senator Rick Scott is hosting a roundtable at the West Palm Beach Police headquarters Friday to push his END FENTANYL Act to crack down on the amount of fentanyl making its way across the Southern Border.

It would require Customs and Border Protection to update its policies at least once every three years to ensure drug interdiction guidance is up to date.

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