South Florida Leaders & Jewish Groups Discuss Ways To Combat Antisemitism

Palm Beach County Leaders & Jewish Groups Discuss Ways To Combat Antisemitism

Photo: CBS 12

South Florida leaders are looking for ways to deal with a growing number of antisemitic incidents.

Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg pulls no punches.

"They're cowards. They deserve to be treated as such."

County Mayor Gregg Weiss says they're not dealing with locals.

"These people are not coming from Palm Beach County. They're coming from outside Palm Beach County to bring their hate."

The group, which also included law enforcement, lawmakers and Jewish advocacy organizations, discussed newly proposed legislation, including one that would increase the amount which local governments can fine people for littering.

Many of the recent incidents involved antisemitic writings in baggies, being dropped off in driveways of homes.

Aronberg also says State Rep. Mike Caruso has filed that legislation in Tallahassee which is aimed at people who have been projecting swastikas on the sides of buildings.

"If you project an image that is targeted at a group for purposes of hate, then that would raise it up to a hate crime. So that could take it from a misdemeanor to a third degree felony."

South Florida officials may take a cue from Jacksonville, which has approved an ordinance banning people from projecting a message onto someone else's property without their permission.

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