New Jersey Man Arrested For Claiming To Have A "Bomb In The Bag" At PBIA

John Magee

Photo: CBS 12

A New Jersey man is facing charges in a bomb scare at Palm Beach International Airport last night.

Concourse C had to be evacuated after passengers boarding a Frontier Airlines flight bound for Philadelphia said they heard 66-year old John Magee say "I have a bomb in the bag" as he slammed a large bag onto the ground.

Several hundred travelers in the terminal had to move to another part of the airport.

Seven flights were delayed during the three-hour closure.

Magee denies making the comment. According to a probable cause affidavit, after being removed from the plane deputies asked Magee if he knew why he was escorted off, to which he said "no" and "I didn't say any dumb s--t like blowing up a plane." The deputy who wrote the report notes that he had not mentioned anything about a "bomb" prior to that comment.

He is charged with making a false report about a bomb.

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