DeSantis, Moody Go After Biden Administration's Immigration Policies

FORT MYERS -- Speaking in Fort Myers, Governor DeSantis says he's taking action against what he calls the Biden administration's "disastrous" immigration policies.

He calls the Biden administration's actions "an open invitation for folks all across the world to just come across the southern border illegally, and just get a ticket to ride to the interior of the country."

DeSantis is issuing an executive order barring the state from helping the feds - or anyone else -- bring migrants into Florida from the border. DeSantis' order also directs the Department of Children and Families to review the licenses of all facilities handling unaccompanied foreign minors. DeSantis is appointing a former U.S. Attorney as "public safety czar, " to ensure that his executive order is carried out.

Meantime, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody says she's suing the Biden administration to stop what's commonly referred to as "catch-and-release", which allows illegal immigrants to be released into the U.S. with a notice to appear in immigration court.

Photo: Getty Images/ Canva

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