Governor says Florida didn't reopen too early or too quickly

Florida reopened prematurely says Dr. Anthony Fauci- the nation's top doctor on infectious diseases. 'Not so' says Governor Ron DeSantis--

"In terms of our reopening, I sent mine to the task force," DeSantis says. "I spoke specifically with Dr. Birx. We did phase 1 at the beginning of May. Our best test results were May and the first two weeks of June. We were 5% or under that whole time."

Speaking from the Turkey Lake Service Plaza on Florida's Turnpike in Orlando Friday, Governor DeSantis announced $8.6 million in funding to strengthen Florida's electric vehicle infrastructure with the goal of expanding the state's charging stations by 50%.

The governor also announced that more than 17,000 vials of the coronavirus drug Remdesivir should arrive in Florida Saturday and will be distributed to the state's hospitals.

"So that will be something that hopefully will help to improve patient outcomes, particularly when the patient comes in early."

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