Q&A – The Real Deal Regarding Adverse Reactions with COVID Vaccines

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Today’s entry: In response to your in-depth research into the effort of the virus vs effects of the vaccine, you are assuming that the corrupt public health establishment, who have already been shown to have lied and hidden data that would have saved lives, are not lying and suppressing adverse vax reactions. How can you trust the data?

Bottom Line: This is a great question. You’ve asked the question regarding how vaccine safety data can be trusted when viewed through the prism of the Fauches. The answer is that it has nothing to do with the Fauches. The current system of reporting was established in 1990, is transparent, and has been unaltered during the pandemic. It’s also a bottom-up reporting system which means that reporting begins locally and ends up in a national database.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System has been the country’s database of record for every potential adverse reaction to any vaccine administered for 32 years. The data maintained is a matter of public record and is accessible at all times. As for how it works, under federal law, every healthcare provider must report any potential adverse reaction to any administered vaccine. Furthermore, so that there isn’t subjectivity at the medical service provider level, there are five pages of possible reactions that they’re legally bound to report.

What this means is that if someone didn’t have a known condition prior to receiving a vaccine but was found to have a new condition after receiving the vaccine, they must be reported. Related to death, if someone dies after receiving a vaccine, that death must be reported as well. This mandatory reporting shows a big picture view of the possible. Adding another layer of transparency in the process is Florida’s system. The state maintains the vaccine database for all Floridians. This means the database can be cross-referenced to verify Florida’s reporting. With all of this unfiltered data being available and transparent, we know the view of the possible independent of what a particular administrator might suggest based on their own analysis.

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