Florida Restaurant Named Best Breakfast Joint In The State

Stack of pancakes with fresh blueberry, raspberry and ricotta cheese on a plate, served with coffee in cafe

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Some of America's most memorable dishes are served during breakfast time. From chicken and waffles to eggs Benedict and classic platters, you can hardly go wrong with these meals. Luckily, there are plenty of eateries dedicated to feeding Americans breakfast faves. Sometimes, they even put their own spin on these dishes or hyperfocus on one, like pancakes or sandwiches.

That's why LoveFood found every state's top breakfast joint. The website states, "Whether you’re looking for a quick coffee and croissant before work, feeling hungry after a long night shift, or rounding off an indulgent weekend, here’s where to get the best breakfast near you."

Marlene's Original Breakfast Sandwich was named Florida's best breakfast joint! Here's why it was chosen:

"Since opening in 2017, Marlene’s Original Breakfast Sandwich, a food truck with outdoor seating and a selection of seriously good egg-based sammies, has caused quite a buzz. Customers can’t get enough of 'The Special', featuring kielbasa, Gouda, a fried egg, herbs, and spicy mayo in a Cuban baguette. However, everything on the menu gets good reviews, so you can't go wrong."

You can find Marlene's at 7206 N Dale Mabry Hwy in Tampa.

Still hungry? Check out the full list on LoveFood's website.

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