Ex-Marine Accused Of Threatening Mass Shooting On The Las Vegas Strip

Jeremy Schumacher, 41

Photo: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

A former U.S. Marine is being held on a $1 million bond for allegedly threatening to commit a mass shooting attack on the Las Vegas Strip. KLAS reported that a person called the police on Monday (November 28) to report that 41-year-old Jeremy Schumacher said he planned to "carry out an act of mass violence" at the Fashion Show Mall.

The caller, who is an acquaintance of Schumacher, said that he threatened to kill them, their co-workers, and himself.

When officers searched Schumacher's apartment, they found an AR-15 rifle, armor-piercing bullets, a rifle with a grenade launcher attachment, and military-style explosive devices.

In court documents, police accused Schumacher "of planning/preparation for an attack" and said that he "maintained the ability to carry out such an attack."

He was taken into custody and charged with making a false threat regarding an act of terrorism.

The Fashion Show Mall was the site of a mass stabbing in October that left two people dead and eight others injured.

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