Q&A of the Day – Florida’s 2022 Amendments

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Today’s entry: Hi Brian, this is the first time writing but your show is always on at home! When do you plan to discuss the FL Constitutional Amendments on the Nov. Ballot? I email the conservative suggestions to friends who mail in their ballots. Thank you so very much for your show and clarifying the muddy waters for us. Blessings to you and your family!! 


Hi Brian, I hereby request that you investigate & provide us with your opinion on this election's 3 Constitutional Amendments, 2 County Referendums and Miami Referendum. Thanking you in advance. Keep up the great work you do. 

Bottom Line: First, thank you both and may God bless your families, the kinds words are always appreciated. With vote-by-mail ballots now out in force and early voting just around the corner it is go time with my Florida Amendment series and related election stories. For those who are new listeners, while I don’t offer candidate endorsements, I do provide comprehensive analysis of all proposed Florida Constitutional Amendments, along with my specific recommendation on each of them. Additionally, I offer analysis and recommendations for countywide ballot referendums in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties (the coverage area for my shows). Before getting into the timeline for when I’ll cover each of these stories, here’s a preview of what’s on our ballots starting with the proposed constitutional amendments.  

As mentioned in one of today’s notes, there are three proposed constitutional amendments. Two of the Amendments are categorized under “taxes” and one under “direct democracy”. 

Here’s the breakout with a brief description of each provided by Ballotpedia: 

  • Amendment 1: Authorizes the state legislature to pass laws prohibiting flood resistance improvements made to a home from being taken into consideration when determining a property's assessed value for property tax purposes 
  • Amendment 2: Abolishes the Florida Constitution Revision Commission 
  • Amendment 3: Authorize the Florida State Legislature to provide an additional homestead property tax exemption on $50,000 of assessed value on property owned by certain public service workers including teachers, law enforcement officers, emergency medical personnel, active-duty members of the military and Florida National Guard, and child welfare service employees 

And South Florida’s countywide referendums: 

As for the timeline for covering all of these...  

  • Florida’s Amendment 1 tomorrow: Tuesday, October 11. 
  • Florida’s Amendment 2: Thursday, October 13th 
  • Florida’s Amendment 3: Tuesday, October 18th 
  • Broward’s Referendums: Thursday, October 20th 
  • Miami-Dade's Referendums: Tuesday, October 25th  
  • Palm Beach County’s Referendums: Thursday, October 27th 

I’ve also fielded requests for judicial races and will offer an overview of my thoughts for deciding on those races as well. So, tomorrow it begins with Florida’s Amendment 1.

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