This Is Florida's Best Snack

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States and regions are known for specific dishes or ingredients. The same can be said about snacks, too!

We're not talking about something you can pick up from a convenience store. We're speaking about locally-sourced eats that most residents love, and something tourists need to try. Sometimes these iconic snack foods can be found anywhere in the country, but what makes it special is how locals approach them.

Food & Wine, looking to put a spotlight on other areas of American cuisine, pinpointed the best snack in every state.

The most famous snack food in Florida is orange juice! Writers explain:

"Imagine it's winter, and suppose you're lucky enough to be in a car and headed as far south into the Sunshine State as is possible. One of the great pleasures of this particular American road trip is a stop at the first farm stand you encounter, where the farm just happens to be a citrus grove. Step out into the light, grab a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice, feel the C rush and your body coming back from hibernation. The frozen north seems so much further than a day's drive away."

Check out the full list on Food & Wine.

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