Here's The Best Loaded Fries In Florida

Unhealthy Messy Chili Cheese Fries

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People love french fries. People also love dumping yummy ingredients on top of those fries.

This salty, calorie-loaded dish can function as both an appetizer and a meal, depending on your hunger. Cheese, chili, bacon, veggies, guacamole, and much more fixings can go on top of a bed of crispy fries. Thankfully, plenty of restaurants, bars, fast food places, and other eateries serve loaded fries.

If you're ever curious about the most delicious serving of loaded fries, LoveFood makes the search easier. The website found the best ones in every state, including Florida.

The tastiest loaded fries you can find in the Sunshine State are Cheese Fries from Rock That Burger!

"From chopped frankfurters to chili, you can take your choice of toppings when you order loaded fries from Rock That Burger – and you really can’t go wrong. However, it’s the simple cheese fries with an oozy Cheddar sauce ladled over the top that win the most praise. You can get them with added jalapeños too (pictured). If you can handle it, they’re the perfect accompaniment to one of the restaurant’s loaded burgers."

If you want to try this dish, drop by 7138 SW 117 Ave. in Miami. Rock That Burger is available for dine-in and curbside pickup.

Check out LoveFood's full list of irresistible loaded fries.

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