WATCH: Miami-Dade Cop Saves Distressed Dolphin From Fishnet

Photo: Getty Images

A South Florida officer is getting flooded with praise after a video shows him saving a distressed dolphin trapped in fish netting.

Miami-Dade Police posted the footage to Twitter, which starts with Officer Nelson Silva of the Marine Patrol Unit getting a call about the entangled creature in the Shorecrest area. When he encounters the young dolphin, he has some trouble keeping it still as he cuts the net. He even says "ow," after the dolphin wriggles away from his grip.

"He's strong!" he remarks, adding that he got some of the netting off before trying again. After pulling the dolphin back over, Officer Silva whips out a knife and begins cutting the netting. He can be heard saying, "I got you, buddy," during the process. The animal appears to remain calm until it flails again, forcing Officer Silva to let go.

"It's okay, little guy. Relax," he says. The cop continues to struggle with the dolphin while cutting the net, but in the end, he manages to free the juvenile.

The video has racked up over 40,000 views as of Thursday morning (January 13). Thousands of comments are thanking Officer Silva for saving the dolphin.

"Thank you, Officer Silva! That dolphin may have not survived if not for the person who called it in and you! Bless you!" one user says.

"Love how he continually worked to reassure the dolphin that it was ok," another reads.

One comment simply asked that someone issues Officer Silva some gloves.

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