Top Three Takeaways For October 26th, 2021

President Biden Arrives On South Lawn Of The White House

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Ladapo is on the ropes. 

Florida’s newly nominated and not yet minted Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo, came under immediate fire from critics once nominated by Governor DeSantis. Not one to buy into vaccine and mask mandates, he was an instant target of those in favor of them from South Florida to Washington D.C. Over the weekend he made himself a different kind of target. The kind that led to the President of Florida’s Senate, Wilton Simpson condemning him too. 

Dr. Ladapo was set to meet with South Florida State Senator Tina Polsky as part of the interview process for an upcoming confirmation vote. The meeting was to take place in Polsky’s office. When Dr. Ladapo and two staffers arrived unmasked she asked if he was vaccinated, when he declined to answer she asked him to wear a mask, telling him she has a “serious medical condition”, he declined. Instead, he offered to meet outside and she declined. Since that encounter Polsky has come forward with the news that she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer while offering a repudiation of Dr. Ladapo. Not a good look for a prospective Surgeon General ahead of a confirmation vote.

Senate President Simpson said"it’s disappointing given the health challenges Senator Polsky is currently facing". Polsky praised the bi-partisan support. So now the question is when it comes time to vote, will he be asked to leave again but this time for good? 


That’s the voting record of Florida’s Democrats in Congress compared to Joe Biden’s agenda. There is no distance between a single Florida Congressional Democrat and Joe Biden. That matters not only for what’s happened under this administration thus far but also for what may soon be. As we’re hearing about the possibility of a deal being close on the highly inflationary George Constanza inspired Human Fund reconciliation package which would also include a vote to pass the previous “bi-partisan” deal of actual semi-infrastructure as well, Florida’s Democrats continue to represent Joe Biden’s interests 100% of the time.

Just so there’s no confusion that means the following Florida representatives continue to vote to support 100% of Joe Biden’s policies in Congress. Al Lawson, Stephanie Murphy, Darren Soto, Val Demmings, Charlie Crist, Kathy Castor, Lois Frankel, Ted Deutch, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and Frederica Wilson. This is especially important in understanding the extremism of every Congressional Democrat in Florida, it’s instructive in the context of next year’s midterm elections and it’s important to note in real-time with voting underway in the primary races to replace the late Alcee Hastings in Congress.

Let’s Go Brandon. 

Know what the number 1 song on iTunes was yesterday? That one. Let’s Go Brandon, don’t expect to hear it on the radio, don’t expect to hear it reported in the news, but sure enough, the top song to start the week is Byron Gray’s “Let’s Go Brandon”. The song which is, naturally, a breakdown of Joe Biden’s endless failures, includes the lyrics I’m a Christian so how do I say this, Let’s Go Brandon and it became an instant cult classic. 

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