Florida News That Impact You – October 7th, 2021

Toronto Retirement Residents Receive COVID-19 Vaccinations

Photo: Getty Images

Florida’s improving trend for new COVID-19 cases accelerated on Wednesday as 3,782 new cases were reported, an improvement of greater than 2,000 over the prior week. COVID-19 hospitalizations dropped to 4,201 statewide, an improvement of 106 patients over the past day.

new report from the Department of Health and Human Services shows 17,000 seniors in Florida were protected from contracting COVID-19 as a result of vaccinations with another 6,700 breakthrough cases not resulting in hospitalizations or death. The study was conducted on seniors nationally from January through May. The summation of the study determined Florida was the third biggest beneficiary of vaccinations among seniors during the early months of the vaccine rollout. 

Florida’s landing another top Wall Street firm. Top investment manager Cathie Wood is permanently moving her firm, Ark Investment Management, from migrating from Manhattan to St. Petersburg at the end of the month. Florida’s landed several top Wall Street firms over the past two years. 

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