Florida News That Impact You – September 27th, 2021

Parents Protest Mask Mandates At Florida School Board Meeting

Photo: Getty Images

Florida enters the week averaging 7,618 daily COVID-19 cases over the past week. That’s an improvement of greater than 3,000 cases per day over a week ago and is the lowest trend for new cases since July 18th. As for hospitalizations, they continued to rapidly decline across Florida over the weekend. Currently, there are 6,914 Floridians hospitalized with the virus statewide. 

Several school districts, which continue to impose school mask mandates without parental opt-outs in violation of state law, have until 5 pm today to issue a legal response to an appeals court. The Florida Department of Health filed a petition last week to bring offending school districts into compliance with state law. The Alachua, Broward, Orange, and Miami Dade School Districts have until that time to issue a response.  

Lastly, Afghan refugees are likely coming to Florida. According to the Refugee Assistance Alliance, which assists with the permanent placement of resettled refugees, approximately 300 Afghan families are likely to soon be resettled in South Florida.

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