Top Three Takeaways For September 24th, 2021

Schools Gradually Reopen In Italy With New Covid-19 Vaccine Pass Rules

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First, what’s the other hand doing

Show of hands. How many people really believe Brian Laundrie is really in that swamp authorities have been searching for days? Probably about the same number of hands that’d go up if I were to ask whether you think the Laundrie parents are credible. Misdirection is the name of the game for those who have something to hide. Sleight of hand is most associated with magicians; however, it permeates the news cycle these days. Brian Laundrie, his parents, the CDC, Jen Psaki, South Florida’s school districts are among just some of the people and entities that aren’t magicians. However, they are using sleight of hand to attempt to exact their desired outcomes. 

Let's start with the Laundries. There are now two confounding components to the Gabby Petito case which seemingly defy logic in the way law enforcement handled them. The first is how they would have allowed Brian to escape the house while being a person of interest in the first place. The second is how the North Point Police Department confirmed as recently as last Thursday that they knew where Brian Laundrie was. That statement was confirmed by the police chief to a reporter’s question. He subsequently held a TV interview in which once again he confirmed that being the case. How can you attest to knowing where Brian is, when in fact it’s shown you didn’t know where Brian was? Comes back to sleight of hand. And that takes me to the second confounding aspect of law enforcement's decision-making here. Believing the parents. What parents could allow their son to come home without what had been his fiancé in her car and not immediately address the situation with her family, let alone law enforcement? Probably not the kind of parents who should be taken at face value when they tell law enforcement that he theoretically snuck out the back door in the direction of the swamp. Right? But searching a swamp for days could certainly keep them busy while he has time to potentially go permanently missing. In fact, do we know if Brian ever came home after the alleged weekend camping trip with his parents? 

Speaking of misdirection, the CDC and our school districts.

Who really is behind the CDC’s school mask policy? Is it the CDC? Nope. Not really, that’s because the CDC’s own study of school masking from last year concluded required mask use among students was not statistically significant compared with schools where mask use was optionalThat’s why their policy for this school year didn’t include a recommendation for mandatory masking until the American Federation of Teachers pressured the CDC behind closed doors to do it. Voila, the CDC ignored their own science, caved to the leftist cause and what did South Florida’s school districts do? Said they were following the CDC’s guidance over the State of Florida’s - including state law. This was never about science or health. This was about our school districts being controlled by the teachers’ unions. 

Again, the sleight of hand. But why am I bringing this up again? Fox News was on the ball and discovered that the CDC has suddenly removed guidance for ending mandatory masking. Until now the CDC outlined conditions based on the rate of spread of COVID-19 under which they’d advise schools to end mask mandates. And then poof, it’s gone. The way the CDC’s guidance now reads is simply for kids in school to be masked. So, who’s behind that one? And just as we’ve reached the 70% threshold for theoretical herd immunity with cases rapidly dropping? What’s the other hand doing? Who specifically is behind that one? And are our science-denying, law-breaking South Florida school districts still intent on sticking with the American Federation of Teachers, ahem CDC? This isn’t about science; this isn’t about health. It sure as heck isn’t about education. It’s about the teachers’ unions being in control of our schools and our children. This is also why there’s such an immediate effort to attempt to discredit Florida’s new Surgeon General. He represents health policy based on science and facts as opposed to the motives of teachers' unions. 

It's imperative to reclaim control.

These school districts have no legal right to mandate your kids remain masked. The school districts have no legal right to quarantine kids without COVID-19 or symptoms. These school districts are bought and paid for by you and me with the roofs over our family's heads that they’re trying to control. Don’t let them. And my bigger picture concerns aren’t even about these two issues, it's what the other hand is doing. What’s really happening in classrooms? That’s what I’m most concerned with. If school districts ignore the law, how can we trust that it’s being followed in the classroom with the curriculum? That’s the bigger picture here. What’s the other hand doing and what’s next with our rogue school districts? This is about much more than even masks and quarantines, 78% of the teachers in Florida’s public-school classrooms are members of the union that’s behind all of this. It’s time to reclaim control of our schools. That means as a parent, it's your choice, not the school district. That also means we have an awful lot of school board members we need to replace in future elections. That’s ultimately what’s going to be required to reclaim control. And to all the parents I continue to hear from. I hear you and I’m here to fight with you. 

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