Florida News That Impact You – September 15th, 2021

Foreclosure Home For Sale Sign in Front of Large House

Photo: Getty Images

There were 11,300 new COVID-19 cases reported in Florida on Tuesday. Unfortunately, Florida’s streak of 18 consecutive days with a declining trend in cases was broken. The weekly trend for cases remains the lowest since July 27th. However, hospitalizations for COVID-19 continue to rapidly decline with 488 fewer Floridians hospitalized with COVID-19 on Tuesday.

In other news, Governor DeSantis announced support for ending the FSA, or Florida Standards Assessment Test for Florida’s grade school students. The proposal which requires the state legislature to act in the upcoming state session which begins in January would replace the standardized test with customizable progress testing. The governor estimates a 75% reduction in time spent on standardized testing with the elimination of the FSA. The proposal has broad bipartisan support.

Lastly, new data from Attom Data Solutions shows foreclosure filings are up 60% in Florida year-over-year with the expiration of the federal moratorium on evictions. According to Attom, Florida has the third most “Zombie” properties or those who’ve been vacated in advance of foreclosure, in the country behind New York and Ohio.

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