Broward Mayor Unveils Vaccine Incentive Program For Employees

Broward County is ready to roll-out what the mayor is calling a wellness vaccination incentive and surcharge program. He stresses this "carrot and twig approach" is not a vaccinate mandate.

"All eligible, county eligible employees will have the opportunity to provide proof of vaccination and receive a one-time monetary incentive of $500," says Mayor Steve Geller.

Geller adds, after the 60-day incentive period, employees who have not provided proof of vaccination will be charged $20 per pay period. They will also have to submit to weekly testing.

The plan is expected to be rolled out by the end of the month or early next month.

It affects both non-union and union employees, which the mayor estimates is about 6,800 employees. The Broward Sheriff's Office is not included.

Geller says, "We are trying to do this in a measured fashion, that we believe is in full compliance with both executive orders of the governor and Florida statutes."

The plan will be reassessed at the end of the year and could become a mandate if there's not enough compliance.

Miami-Dade's program which requires weekly testing or proof of vaccination, only applies to non-union employees.

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