Q&A – Is President Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Targeting Minorities?


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Today’s entry: The highest percentage of unvaccinated are Black people for obvious reasons. If Republicans don’t jump on this opportunity, they’re useless. Btw, what percentage of the workforce works at 100+ employee businesses?

Bottom Line: The politics of vaccinations have taken many turns throughout the year. This most recent turn, which may very well be a case of Joe Biden having Trump derangement syndrome, as he’s doing his worst Trump Apprentice impression yet, by telling Americans even in the private sector who aren’t vaccinated that they’re fired is a wrinkle that went farther than just about any of us expected. To your point, what’s interesting in this racially charged environment is how little attention has been paid to the racial component. You’re right, it disproportionately impacts minorities and none more so than Blacks. 

The Kaiser Family Foundation keeps an updated demographic database of COVID-19 vaccinations for 44 states including Florida. The database was most recently updated on September 7th. As of a week ago, the ethnicity with the highest vaccination rates were Asians, followed by Whites, Hispanics and Blacks with the lowest vaccination rates. By the numbers, 10% fewer Hispanics/Latinos have been vaccinated than Whites with Blacks vaccinated at a 20% lower rate.

Also, to the political point of your note, most Hispanics/Latinos and Blacks who are registered to a political party are Democrats. So yes, for people who like to conveniently play the race card. Here you literally have an old White man disproportionately telling Blacks and Hispanics his patience has worn thin with them and if they don’t get vaccinated soon, they’re fired. If there were any integrity in racial politics on the left this would be a huge issue. That goes for the news media as well.

Regarding the next piece of your question on the percentage of the workforce which work for companies over 100 employees that would be caught in Biden’s vax mandate rule. According to the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council, most recently 33.4% of employees work for companies and organizations with fewer than 100 employees. This means that right at two-thirds of the private sector workforce is impacted by Biden’s mandate. That’s excluding those in government work and in medicine who also fall under his executive action. By the time we’ve accounted for those professions, approximately three out of every four employees in the United States are directly impacted by the Biden vax mandate.

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