Top Three Takeaways For September 13th, 2021

Doctor giving Covid vaccine to senior woman

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Sue them. 

I’m talking about our school districts. If you don’t want your kids wearing masks in a public school in South Florida, don’t. Should anyone attempt to take any punitive action against your children, sue them. They retain no legal authority to do so. To the school districts, don’t say DeSantis didn’t warn you. So, we start another week with South Florida’s school districts breaking the law, having to eat crow along with most of South Florida’s news media. As Governor DeSantis regularly stated, he expected the Leon County Circuit Court would rule as it did and that he’d ultimately win on appeal.

Based on Friday’s three-judge decision to stay Judge John Cooper’s ruling reenacting parental choice over school mask mandates, they made clear the state’s case is likely to win on its merits once heard before the full court. For weeks South Florida’s school districts have engaged in unlawful activity with your children in the crosshairs of their unscientific edicts. It’s time we take our schools and our children back from them. If you want your children masked at school all day, that’s your business. If you don’t, that’s also your business not that of the school district. 

It’s officially the COVID flu. 

At least the COVID-19-flu shot as the case may be. Moderna’s announcement on Thursday that their in-development COVID-19 booster is going to be a single dose flu shot as well, is as revealing as it is practical. Already we’d been told that for the upcoming flu season, with COVID-19 booster shots likely in the offing, that we’d be able to be vaccinated for COVID-19 in one arm and the flu in the other. Once Moderna’s booster hits the market that’ll be a moot point. But here’s the more instructive point. What Moderna is doing with their booster is essentially calling BS on the medical establishment and the whole notion of flu season being anything other than the season of COVID for the foreseeable future.

You’ll recall that last year the medical establishment hyped fears of a “twindemic”. They ginned up interest in flu vaccines and even told us that getting the flu vaccine would theoretically help protect against COVID-19. Aside from marketing, it was utter nonsense. The traditional H1N1 virus was nearly nonexistent in society, COVID-19 was prevalent and 2.5 times more contagious than the traditional H1N1 flu virus. If a virus was going to spread, which one was it going to be? In other words, there was never a rational medical or even logical case that there would be a “twindemic”. Just hype. And that makes this year’s effort to hype the “twindemic” or to peddle the flu vaccine even more absurd. How absurd? 

No known efficacy.

That’s last year’s efficacy for the flu vaccine. I’m not kidding. For everyone who got last year’s flu vaccine, there was no known efficacy as tracked by the CDC. That’s because there wasn’t even enough spread of the flu to track the vaccine against during the season. But hey, no known efficacy isn’t much worse than it usually is anyway. The two previous pre-pandemic years the flu vaccine’s efficacy was only 39% and 29%. Now, given that last year there was no measurable flu in society sufficient to even track vaccine efficacy, how absurd is it to assert that somehow the H1N1 virus is set to make a roaring comeback with there being more current cases of COVID-19 than a year ago with variants that are now four times more contagious than the flu? This is why, in Modera’s own way, they’re calling BS on all of this. And btw, this didn’t just happen. In April, Moderna’s CEO said, "I anticipate in the next year or so, we’re going to see a lot of variants. But as more and more people get vaccinated or naturally infected, the pace of the variant is going to slow down and the virus is going to stabilize like you see with flu. What we’re trying to do at Moderna actually is to get a flu vaccine in the clinic this year and then combine our flu vaccine to our Covid vaccine so you only have to get one boost at your local CVS store ... every year that would protect you to the variant of concern against Covid and the seasonal flu strain."

Right, because what he was really saying is that... COVID-19 is the new seasonal flu. As I’ve stated since the onset of the pandemic... The 1918 pandemic was brought about by the H1N1 virus and lasted for 26 months. From that point on its variants were what became known for the next 100 years as the seasonal flu. The most likely outcome was that history would repeat itself with COVID-19 and its variants. What Moderna’s done is found a way to call BS on the medical establishment’s proclivity to peddle ineffective flu vaccines while cutting through another year of “twindemic” hype. And they’ve don’t it while being accepted by the medical establishment – with the most effective COVID-19 vaccine no less. Well done.

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