Florida News That Impact You – September 9th, 2021

Diverse group of elementary school kids go back to school wearing masks

Photo: Getty Images

Florida’s trend for new COVID-19 cases continued to decrease on Wednesday as 13,774 new cases were reported. COVID-19 hospitalizations also decreased with 13,100 Floridians hospitalized with the virus on Wednesday. That’s a decline of 192 over Tuesday’s total and the lowest since August 3rd. 

In other news, Leon County Circuit Court Judge John Cooper removed the stay placed on his order striking down the Florida Board of Education’s rule mandating parental opt-outs for school districts with mask mandates. The state is appealing that decision in addition to the appeal to his original ruling.

And, all three South Florida School Districts have a far higher rate of staff who’ve tested positive for COVID-19 this school year, than students who’ve tested positive. That includes Broward’s employees testing positive at four times the rate of students, with Dade at five times the rate and Palm Beach County employees testing positive at a 20% higher rate. 

Lastly, the King Tide season starts today in South Florida. These are the tides that are generally responsible for “sunny day” flooding in low-lying coastal areas. This king tide cycle is expected to impact during high tides through Saturday. The next king tide cycle is expected on October 5th following this week's cycle. 

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