Q&A - What To Do If You’ve Lost Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card

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Today’s entry: I’m vaccinated but can’t seem to find my vaccination card. With everything that’s going on right now I want to have it on hand in case I need it. What do you do if you’re vaccinated but lose your card? 

Bottom Line: You’re not alone in losing your card and the good news is you should be able to get proof of vaccination without a huge hassle. Getting another CDC card, however, might not happen. While the CDC issues the vaccination cards, they don’t keep specific vaccination records, at least in theory. 

In Florida, there are three different places you can turn to seek new proof of vaccination. I’ll work backward starting with the state. The Florida Department of Health is the final repository of patient-specific vaccination information. This is true of vaccination records, not just COVID-19 vaccinations. Through the Florida SHOTS system, medical service providers can access records. Your county health department is the next stop. Each county’s health department has access to the vaccination records for residents in their county kept by the state’s SHOTS system. Lastly, the administrator of the vaccination. For those who were vaccinated through temporary sites, this isn’t an option. For all others, such as those who were vaccinated at Publix for example, this is an option. 

Generally speaking, you’re unlikely to get another CDC-issued card. They’re clear about the importance of hanging onto that card when it’s issued along with the guidance that there’s only one issued per person vaccinated. The likelihood of not being issued multiple cards isn’t born out of indignance. It’s aimed at preventing duplicated reporting between local, state, and federal agencies in addition to reigning in fraud. To that end, what you’re likely to receive is a printout providing proof of vaccination. Generally speaking, that should do the trick if you are ever asked to provide proof. So how should you go about getting that proof? Your best bet is likely to start with what’s closest to you. 

The good news is the record of your vaccination exists. It’s just a matter of getting it. For all of the rest of us, it's a good idea to keep your CDC vaccination card in your wallet or purse and just leave it there for the foreseeable. 

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