Florida News That Impact You – July 19th, 2021

CDC Chief Dr. Thomas Frieden Updates Media On Dallas Ebola Response

Photo: Getty Images North America

The CDC’s no-sail and conditional sail rules remain in place entering this week as the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals stayed a previous ruling which would have ended the CDC’s mandates over the cruise industry yesterday. The 2-1 decision will keep the rules in place until the case can be heard before the court. 

After entering July averaging only around 1,200 new COVID-19 cases per day, Florida’s weekly trend for average cases now exceeds 6,000 daily cases over the past week. This includes 8,490 new cases on Saturday, the highest daily total since mid-April. Variants are now the dominant strain of COVID-19 with 52% of recent cases resulting from them according to Yale’s School of Public Health. 

In other related news, according to a new report of Florida’s vaccination rates by county, Miami-Dade has the 2nd highest rate of COVID-19 vaccinations. Broward is 10th, Martin County 13th, and Palm Beach County 14th. Sumter County leads the state in total vaccinations. 

Lastly, in Governor DeSantis’s visit to Texas to monitor the work of Florida’s law enforcement personnel assisting with the crisis at the southern border, he said 70% of those interdicted are coming to Florida. 

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