Guide For Florida’s 2022 Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Draft Kings

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

This week’s official launch of the 2022 sports betting initiative by none other than the Florida Education Champions aka Draft Kings and FanDuel, has begun to fuel the 2022 proposed amendment conversation. In reality, they’re late to the party. The effort to get proposed constitutional amendments on Florida’s 2022 general election ballots has been nothing short of remarkable. The sports betting initiative is the 33rd, yes 33rd proposed constitutional amendment for next year’s general election ballot. Now, it is the most well-funded, with over $60 million having already poured into the effort. In today’s breakout, I’m going to provide a quick overview of what’s currently in play.

Here are the 23 proposed constitutional amendments still alive and attempting to gain access to your ballot next year. As a reminder, 891,589 valid signatures must be collected, and the Florida Supreme Court must authorize the measures based on the appropriateness of the title and summary and determine whether they’d been valid under the United States Constitution.

It’s safe to say many, if not most, will fail to make their way to your ballot. But now you know what’s out there. If some spoke to you, you have the ability to sign the petition and aid the effort for them to make the way to your ballot. 

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