Florida News That Impact You – June 9th, 2021

Photo: Photo credit: Miami Heat Twitter

According to the SBA, Florida’s businesses brought $51.2 billion over the 14 months of the federal Paycheck Protection Program. The total is in line with Florida’s overall population.

In other news, after numerous shootings in recent days, Miami-Dade adopted the “Peace and Prosperity Plan”. The plan will increase the use of surveillance cameras, license-plate readers, provide an increase in police funding for a team to exclusively monitor social media, and will fund programs for those in the juvenile justice system. The initiative will be funded by the recent sponsorship deal with cryptocurrency platform FTX, which recently replaced AmericanAirlines Arena as the title sponsor of the Miami Heat. 

Florida’s courts will begin lifting COVID-19 mandates effective June 21st. Florida’s Supreme Court announced courts can lift mask mandates, social distancing, and other emergency measures a week from Monday.

Lastly, the Florida Board of Medicine announced a change in policy regarding weight-loss drugs. According to the rule change, doctors will be able to prescribe drugs intended for weight loss without in-person visits with patients. The Board stated the rule, now over 20 years old was out of step with the use of Telehealth. 

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